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Nefful Health Clothing Strengthen Body's Resistance

Stimulate Cells, Increase Immune System & Help Body Sickness & Recovery

Teviron Clothing enhance your overall Health Constitution
Negatively Charged Ions will have surprising effects in your body
Teviron is Power, Life and Shield for your Lifestyle

Incorporating Teviron with our contouring elegant shape designed

lets you create a beautiful figure and at the same time
benefit from an intimate touch with
Negative Ions!

In order to provide users with convenient, not to be deceived or buy products from pressure selling, users can print out the Form 2, 3 & 4, fill up and complete the forms and walk in to Nefful Singapore office to buy your desired items by yourself. You may buy freely within your own financial ability.

If user needs any help, please call me (65) 96907464 for any advise and arrangement of getting your desired items within your desired budget.

1) Membership Application Form (need original form)
2) International Sponsorship Application and Agreement Form
3) Product Order Form SG70
4) Authorization to Use and Disclosure of Personal Data Form

Nefful Offers Two Major Series of Products:

A) Teviron Body Shaping Series
B) Teviron Health Series

TEVIRON Fiber products offer four functions: warmth. comfort, health and safety. In addition, the Teviron Health Series is known to produce negative ions that regulates the concentration of calcium ions in one's body.  The products are healthy garments worn outside the body, and there is no need to worry about side effects. You can always be in a Negative Ion environment, for as long as you use the products. Wearing Teviron will enhance your body condition and health safety. As a result, wearing Teviron clothing can be beneficial to one's health.

Teviron Negative Ions provide us with a perfect safeguard for our health.
The amount of negative ion (Per 1cc of air)
  • 1,000 to 2,000 -  good for your health.
  • 5,000 to 50,000 -  able to strengthen our body's resistance and improve immunity.
  • 100,000 to 500,000 - helps our body to self-heal (improve illness).

The largest organ in our body is our skin. We are only able to absorb 15% of negative ions through breathing. If we use our skin to absorb negative ions, the efficiency rises to 85%.

Therefore, our body can absorb 100% of negative ions if we wear TEVIRON garments.

Nefful offers Body Beautiful Story - Body Beautifying Series

(All Nefful products are imported from Japan with its original packaging)

Body Beautifying Series
  • To create beautiful curves for feminine ladies. God creates women, Nefful creates a confident, healthy and beautiful women.

  • Nefful insists not to imitate or plagiarize, but to design and develop high-quality products.

  • Our bras and corsets are made from high quality materials and are designed ergonomically by specialized tailoring.

  • Our Body Beautifying Series provides comfort and perfect body figure and you will also be feeling attractive and confident with your new defined and more slimming shaped body.

  • Benefit from an intimate touch with negative ions!

Beautiful Shaping Series | New Aesthetic

Items QF11, QF12 & QF13

Possess Posture of Intimate and Health

Best Choice so that your secrets of attraction come from within

A Healthy Figure is a Beautiful figure!

1) QF11 New Aesthetic Body Shaping Bra

Material:  Polyester 65%, Teviron 21%, Polyurethane 14%

Colour: Beige


  • Bra designed with U-shaped soft metal underwire to create a firm appearance, pushing body fat around underarms and back to front.
  • Extra high side panel that extends to the back for a firmer shaper and smooth contour.
  • Inside cup section made of 100% Teviron, allowing breast to have an intimate touch with Teviron.
  • Straps made of Teviron and Polyurethane blend which provide a comfortable yet supportive protection.

Functions of Bra:  Enhance push-up effect and give breast an extra lift and a more flattering shape, prevent breasts from spreading apart and look firm.


2) QF12 New Aesthetic Girdle

Material:  Polyester 65%, Teviron 21%, Polyurethane 14%

Colour: Beige


  • Three-dimensional tailored to help enhance buttock shapes.
  • The lateral thigh area is double layer design, interior layer with stretchable material for superior thigh-shaping effect.
  • Uniquely sewed front waist border fits more comfortably to the body, compresses and support the waist line and arch of the back, without restricting movement.
Functions of Girdle:  Raise hips, shape tummy and shape thighs.
Nefful Aesthetic Girdle re-distributes unwanted bulges for a slim and smooth look. Never worry about that unwanted tummy pouch, the elegant front lace panel fits firm but comfortable allowing you to show off the figure you always wanted. Inclusive of its negative ion technology, our Shaping wear gives you added health benefits enhancing blood circulation and supporting your thigh and butt muscles, thus firming.

3) QF13 New Aesthetic Camisole

Material:  Polyester 65%, Teviron 21%, Polyurethane 14%

Colour: Beige


  • Uniquely designed bra helps to lift and shape breast and prevent sagging breast shape.
  • Six strips of flexible steel wire which comfortably creates natural charming waist curve.
  • Dual-layer design emphasizes in waistline function slim.
  • Adjusts bad positive, creates beautiful body.
Functions of Camisole:  Help lifting breasts, supports breast firmness, adjust and correct posture, contour waistline, creates slimmer appearance and flatten tummy area.
Want to smooth your silhouette and increase your bust size?
Nefful Shaping wear is always light, offers a smooth look and feels extremely comfortable.
Nefful offers Aesthetic Camisole which defines your waistline and makes breast seem fuller and perkier. Hook-n-eye clasps pull together down the front to give a super smooth hour glass figure and help push breast up and together over your favorite bra, creating beautiful body curves. It also effectively correct bad spine position and straightening your posture.

The 3 body shaping charts indicated for a Healthy and Beautiful Body Shape:

  • Figure Variations By Age
  • Standard Body Measurements / Sizing
  • Sizing for Body-Shaping Undergarments

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lynn Nefful
Sponsor's Name: HO SEE KIM
Sponsor's No. 469392
Mobile: (65) 96907464


Good News! You can enjoy paying with HSBC Credit Card
Members who are holding HSBC credit cards can make payments by HSBC Installment Payment Plan (IPP) Programme in Singapore Office.

Please refer to the terms and conditions below for IPP Programme details:
1)  Item purchased under IPP must be for a minimum amount of $500 (prices stated are after 20% discount)

  HSBC credit cards holders, including HSBC Classic Visa / MasterCard, HSBC Gold Visa / MasterCard, HSBC Platinum Visa & HSBC Premier MasterCard
3)  For each valid installment transaction made under IPP Programme, Members (the payee) shall pay the application Discount Rate based on table adhered below:

Repayment Terms      Merchant Discount Rate
  • 6-months                               4.2%
  • 12-months                             5.2%
Nefful products in Singapore are quoted in SGD prices, inclusive of 7% GST.
All SGD prices quoted are before 20% discount, except for the Healthy Fit Philosophy-Custom Made Series are quoted in nett prices.
Member price is 20% discount for each product item.

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