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Lynn Nefful | Teviron Negative Ion Health Clothing

Nefful Teviron Negative Ion Health Clothing Sickness Benefits. Self Therapy Save Life. Recover Circulatory Disorders, Hepatic Veins, Hormonal Changes & Disease Factors.

Nefful Health Products have excellent effects purify blood, recover body's fluids, cells, organs, autonomic nerves & blood calcium. This not only purify blood, it also improve the functions of the internal organs, functions of the tissue are regulated as well as autonomic nerves. There are many sources of Negative Ions in Mother Nature, for instance, in forests, near waterfalls, or hot mineral springs. All these places are rich in Negative Ions. It is such a wonderful thing to know that because of this high-tech invention called Teviron Fiber creates Negative Ions therapy, you can always be in a Negative Ion benefits environment, for as long as you use the product, and this will enhance health and vitality.


Nefful Co. Ltd, a Japanese company, was established in 1973 by Mr. Kamijo Hisami, in Shizuoka City beneath the beautify Mount Fuji.

After years of research and hard work, Japan Teijin Corp. invented Teviron, a fiber made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which is extracted from petroleum, and manufactured it into various clothing products. Now Yamaguchi in Japan is the main place where it is produced. The product offers four advantages: warmth, comfort, health and safety. Besides, the Teviron Series is known to produce negative ions that regulate the strength of blood calcium in the human body. As a result, wearing Teviron Clothing Negative Ion can Create Positive Vibes to enhance immunity in the human body.

When Teviron invented its own fabric in 1955, it was widely popular over a short time and helped numerous people. This creation brought a new concept and technology in the history of garment making.

Nefful is dedicated to the development of undergarments. On top to its R & D of high-end undergarments featuring remarkable body-shaping results, commenced in 1975, Nefful also puts an emphasis on the concept and knowledge of designs that focus on overall appearance.

To help the public live a healthy and high-quality life, Nefful started to sell Teviron Series products in 1979.

Nefful is not only known for its amazing product, but also in its excellent business performance and credibility. Nefful Negative Ion Clothing history throughout the years is no doubt due to the popularity of and the high demand for its amazing products.

Nefful had opened more than 30 offices all over Japan besides its Headquarter. The company has good standing. To combine beauty with health and hope and to share this wonderful career with more people and has expanded their worldwide business overseas:

1989  Established Taiwan Office (Taipei City)

1993  Established Taiwan Office (Kaohsiung Branch Office)

1996  Established Taiwan Office (Taichung Branch Office)

2001  Established Taiwan Office (Taoyuan Branch Office)

                                                                                                            2002  Established USA Office (Los Angeles)

                                                                                 2005  Established Hong Kong Office

                                                                                                            2006  Established Malaysia Office (Kuala Lumpur)

                                                                                 2010  Established Singapore Office
Teviron Fiber has been awarded three major awards:

  • Okochi Award in 1959 - The highest honor in the fiber sector.

  • Onshi Invention Award in 1960 - Awarded by the late Hirohito Emperor of Japan in  acceptance of Teviron achievement to the human body. Without the proof of its effectiveness and its giving to human health, it would not have been possible for the product to win the respect of the Japanese Emperor.

Recognized by the Government Association of Public Health in Japan.  

Recognized by the Japan Mountaineering Association - Ms Masako Izumi, who successfully reached the peak of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, was able to accomplish such task partly with the help of wearing Teviron.

  • Chemistry Technology Award in 1961 - An award from the chemical sector of Japan. Teviron product is recognized by Japan Fire Retardant Affair (JFRA).

Nefful is able to keep up with the demand and movement of the market by introducing ten new products each year.

Nefful Negative Ion Clothing has shown no side effect over 38 years history in the leading industry.

Today, the company has grown to become a global group. Sustained development continues under the principle and leadership of company President, Kamijo Toshiya, and have more than 300,000 product distributors situated worldwide.

The future of Nefful, and its expanding network of distributors, gets brighter than ever with its new products being added to the production line, new entrepreneurs joining our expanding company development, and more consumers discovering the sickness benefits of all of the products.

Nefful is consistently delivering the superlative and high standards of quality goods and services, and today, we are pleased to see our products helping millions of people transform into the rich image of good health and have lives more abundantly. Users are now living testimonies in every part of the world.

Nefful is confident that its products will be increasingly recognized by all lifetime to come, receiving health, joy and richness with their dreams come true.

Below Bring You common reference
The origin of the disease is directly rooted in Body Tendon injury (Body injury) & Body Deficiency of Heat Energy:

I. Body injury
Human muscles, tendons and other soft tissue injuries. Tendon injury is the concept of Chinese medicine, modern medicine called a soft tissue injury. Those who caused the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsule, fascia and other soft tissues, cartilage and part of acute and chronic injuries, tendon injuries range of command. Its different forms of injury can be divided into sprains, contusions categories; according to pathological changes can be divided into stasis stagnation, tendons bit unusual, broken ribs and other types; from the course can be divided into acute and chronic tendon injuries tendon injury. Clinical manifestations: pain, swelling, deformity, dysfunction.

II. Body Deficiency of Heat Energy
Chinese medicine called " Deficiency " is physical virtual and cold. All diseases because the lack of body heat, worsening the body hurt. Four states developed Body Deficiency of Heat Energy.

Stage One
1. A weak heart, it can not make the blood supply to peripheral parts of the body.
2. Anemia, lack of circulating blood volume or low hemoglobin and red blood cells.
3. Blood vessels, blood returning ability will be weakened, so that part of the hands and feet especially fingertip blood circulation, which is commonly known as " poor peripheral circulation ".

Stage Two
Chinese medicine believes that cold hands and feet is a " autism ", the so-called " closed " that is unreasonable, affected by cold weather turns cold or physical factors, resulting in hepatic veins catch cold.

Liver hematopoietic function is affected, leading to kidney yang deficiency, cold limbs, hands and feet, redness or white, or even pain.

Stage Three
The hormonal changes caused by menstruation and fertility.

There are symptoms of cold hands and feet in the crowd, the vast majority of women. It is through hormonal changes affect the nervous system leads to vasoconstriction and subcutaneous blood flow is reduced, causing poor circulation.

Stage Fourth
Have Raynaud's disease and Raynaud's phenomenon, Takayasu arteritis, occurs in young women. Thrombosis obliterans occurs in middle-aged men are.

In addition, too much stress, too much sensitive psychological, usually excessive worry often uneasy who is also a high risk of poor circulation of hand-foot.

Wearing of Nefful Health Clothing People no longer suffering due to illness, and avoid medical errors suffered injuries. Nefful Health Products benefit original point therapy, not only treat pain, but also to relieve the pain of all humans, no needles, do not take medicine, just wear on, you can achieve a significant effect, even minor who once cured even cancer treatment can be proved, the original point is a loose tendon pain and all the way to treat the disease by loose tendons, simple operation, the magical effect, the world is unimaginable. Here we advise user how and what to choose the suitable Health Products for NO OVER BUYING.

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Lynn Nefful
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